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1-1 Tuition

We are available for test days all year round. If you are a novice we will help you with assistance on kart and engine setup, driver training and general advice on any equipment and class. Many people make huge improvements in just one day.
If you are an experienced driver and you want to fine-tune your driving style or optimise your kart setup then a one to one day is ideal to gain essential knowledge from our specialist driver coaching we have all the necessary expertise and data logging equipment to ensure that you gain those vital last few tenths.

Race Team

Project one Racing has become known around the paddock as one of the most professional and successful teams, with customer service being of utmost importance, this dedication to the customer is exhibited at all levels making Project One Racing a popular choice of team whether you want to race in the British championships or in a local club race.

We offer anything from basic awning space and advice, to full arrive and drive race packages. Please call for more info.



Whatever the equipment, we can prepare your kart as a one-off preparation or as regularly as you require. Every kart will be stripped down, thoroughly cleaned and serviced, replacing all malfunctioning and broken parts.

At our workshop we have the facilities to check and precisely correct your chassis, once the kart has been re-jig'd it will then be rebuilt and prepared to the highest standard.

We also offer a service to customers using our Honda Cadet chassis where we can place the kart back into the fabrication Jig to determine all angles on every chassis rail. Even if your frame is one millimetre out it could be costing you valuable lap time.

Why not give us a call for piece of mind.

UniPro Supplier

Project One Racing are agents for UNIPRO lap timers and data loggers.
We stock a range of UNIPRO components and anything we don't have can be ordered immediately.

Services: Meet the Coaches
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