Switch Cover.

Updated Engine Switch Cover. 

This is an update in design, shape and is made of a lightweight aluminium meaning it is both strong and durable.

Easy Steer Column.

The 'Easy steer' column is designed to benefit the smaller driver. It uses a different profile to make the steering lighter and more controllable. 

Updated Engine Cover.

This Updated Engine cover alters the airflow over the engine keeping the exhaust cooler therefor the engine going faster!

8 Piece Caster Kit.

The 8 Piece caster kit contains all of the caster options required in one box.

Wet weather KC brake shield.

This New brake shield eliminates the need to keep taping up your brake, the quick and easy fastening system is the best to date.

Heel Bar.

This New Heel bar is to prevent a drivers heel from slipping when using our 'layed back' pedals.

Pedal Kit.

The Pedal kit is designed for the small drivers not yet big enough to reach the pedals.